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Jim Schrader

senior sound designer

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Jim Schrader, a.k.a. The Dude, has been an audio recording engineer, producer, composer, consultant, and accordion squeezuoso for longer than a number of his loyal customers have been alive!

Still waaay young at heart, you'll find his laugh & upbeat style infectious. Jim serves up a production with heaps of insight & creativity, and a genuine desire to give clients what they want, with an eye out for what they need.

If your production makes noise, Jim wants to hear about it.

Jim Schrader's primary focus is to make life and its experiences more rewarding for those around him. And, his goal is to see every customer, every client, and every good friend....again & again.

Jim's professional specialties include, and are not limited to: commercial audio production, sound design, music composition & production, and piano accordion performance.


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Sky Recording's customer support is provided through special arrangement

with 19 Below, Kansas City's premier video production house.


Amanda Edwards   studio manager

Amanda may well be the first voice you hear when you call Sky Recording.

She'd love to schedule and book your next audio production with us.

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Shawn Ketchem  post producer

Shawn is your go-to for logistics. He's bright & energetic, and working with him is

a delight. If you'd like a production estimate, or have questions...Shawn is on it.

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Our stellar staff applies mega doses of talent, expertise, insight,
and solutions to every client with whom we team.

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