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Sky Recording is your one-stop destination for Commercial Audio Production services.

U87mic   With over forty years' collective experience in big league audio, we have your sound design covered. SKY supplies audio recording production services to advertising agencies, public relations firms, video & film production companies, and a host of other communications professionals.

Customers choose SKY for superior sound design in radio & television spots, educational & training programs, interactive & web media, and toys & collectibles that make noise!

SKY is conveniently located at 2520 Summit St. near Kansas City, Missouri's historic & very artistic Crossroads District, between Downtown & Midtown.
Our stellar staff applies mega doses of talent, expertise, insight,
and solutions to every client with whom we team.

Booking / Answers / Smiles - ask for Amanda

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Sky Recording     Kansas City, MO     ph 816.283.8795     fx 816.471.1030
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